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My name is Damien Miller and I work for BMS World Mission. I live in Beira, Mozambique where I will work alongside the Mozambican Christian Lawyers Association in justice ministry. I hope this blog will help to portray the rich tapestry of Mozambican society, landscapes and peoples in addition to my own attempts to understand my new environment. Through it I pray that you increase in empathy for Mozambicans and rejoice in all that God is doing through them.

How I got to where I am now

When I was 19 years old I became a Christian. My priorities in life began to change as my faith and understanding of God grew. For many years I was a member of Battle Baptist Church where I was baptised. During my twenties I studied law and legal practice while working at a local law form in my home town of Eastbourne. Having completed my study I wanted to use what I had learned to honour God in some way. It was at this time I first made contact with BMS World Mission.

BMS had been working with Christian Lawyers in Uganda for some years and so they seconded me to the Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity in Kampala to work as an intern in their Legal Education department. This involved teaching local leaders and community members about their legal rights and responsibilities, including how to make a will, how to register land and how to mediate disputes within the community. As my seven months in Uganda drew to a close I realised that I had never felt so passionate about my work and it was with some reluctance that I returned to the UK.

Back in Eastbourne I joined my current home church, Victoria Baptist. Three years after my return the current opportunity to work long term with BMS in Mozambique emerged. From September 2012 I trained with BMS at their International Mission Centre in Selly Oak, Birmingham. As of June 2013 I was seconded to the Mozambican Christian Lawyers Association to assist them as they develop their justice ministry and provide legal assistance to the poor and vulnerable.

In April 2015 I married the wonderful and inspirational Annet Ttendo, now also a BMS worker but someone I have known since my days in Uganda, where she was the director for the Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity. Our little family was extended in August 2016 with the arrival of our baby daughter, Patience.

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  • Jeff Taylor on April 24, 2013 at 7:59 pm said:

    it was great to get your prayer letter and explore your blog Damien. Trust the final weeks at IMC and preparations for travel go well. God bless you.
    Jeff Taylor.

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