BMS World Mission partner with the Mozambican Association of Christian Lawyers (AMAC), an exciting and developing legal ministry in Mozambique.

What is AMAC?

The Mozambican Association of Christian Lawyers (AMAC) is a registered non- governmental and not-for-profit organisation, created with the objective to promote access to justice for the poor and needy through social programmes and projects in the areas of legal assistance, legal aid, legal representation, legal education, research, advocacy and adopting and practising Christian principles for social benefit.


As an association of Christian lawyers, AMAC seeks to promote justice to the indigent, vulnerable and marginalized persons of Mozambican society; in particular vulnerable children, women, prisoners and needy persons and share with them Christ’s love and compassion. As a response to our Christian calling to: “Learn to do right, seek justice; help the oppressed; defend the cause of the orphan and plead the case of the widow.”(Isaiah 1:17).


The mission of AMAC is to support lawyers and law students in their goal of serving Christ in the law and live lives of integrity; and motivate them to give their time and skills to ensure that vulnerable members ofMozambican communities can access justice. This is undertaken by delivering education and training, teaching religious and local leaders to resolve disputes; offering case specific legal advice; advocating for fair laws and policies in line with Christian principles and providing legal representation in the neediest of cases.


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